CHANGE ● ‘Nothing changes without HEART and MIND’

Nothing changes without HEART & MIND



  • in restructurings,
  • in dealing with change of organization
  • driving digitalization
  • working on their personal development …


face these crucial starting point:

  • Me, my role, my values & my beliefs.
  • We, as a team, our values & our beliefs.
  • Our organizational structure and vision.


They want to be accompanied powerfully by people who

  • know their business
  • have new ideas and methods to support them to drive through their challenges
  • are able to deal with the organizational, with digital, with communicational topics

….  but this is taken for granted.


What are the most important questions leaders ask us?

  • “Are you able to drive with us through this change by emotionally reaching out to our people, understanding them in their attitude, with their different backgrounds and needs?
  • And are you able to develop tailor made solutions with us to mobilize us to follow our vision?

That’s the key point.


It’s all about Mindset and Beliefs – in the first step and at least at the end.

  • Including the one leader who asked for being accompanied and initiated the entire change process.
  • Taking the next step to a convincing strategy and vision that is kept alive in the daily business  is even the hardest topic.
  • At the end of the day it’s crucial to be successful in the long run, to go with people who are convinced, satisfied and motivated.


Self-reflected leaders know this.

That’s my experience and my conviction.

That’s one main thing why I stand up in the morning and go for it.